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The Power of Being Gentle: An Easy Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

By on March 12, 2017
ayurvedic spring cleanse

Some cringe at the thought, after memories or stories of an agonizing a week of eating only apples or drinking cayenne lemon juice until your felt dizzy.

Not here!

We are talking 3 warm meals, delicious oils, spices, and veggies. Ayurvedic cleansing does not have to mean eating only kitcheri for a month! Don’t get me wrong , I LOVE kitcheri, and I think food should be artistic, colorful and enticing, as well as delicious, of course!

What if you could get the same results of feeling light, energetic, and fresh without having to struggle so much?

I too have experimented with all kinds of weird week-long diets and cleanses over the years, sometimes with the idea of overcoming my attachments and desires to food (such as just drinking coconut water for 3 days) just as much as for the physical benefits. But as I gain wisdom through observing my body and helping others heal their bodies, I realize that suffering is not healing, and is not a sustainable way to feel good.

Pretty intuitive right?

I have also learned through the beauty of Ayurveda that this process needs an individualized plan – a cookie cutter approach just won’t work for most people. We all have different body types, lifestyles, and schedules. The body heals it self and under the right circumstances, has miraculous results.

Being gentle towards your body allows it to simply let go.

By allowing the food and herbs to gently soften your built up blockages, and allowing the natural agni, or transformative fire to melt it all away. To give your body a break from having to do little mini detox each day from the usual food its used to digesting. This gives you the ability to do a deep clean – to purify the places that have been accumulating toxins, fat, or old emotions laying dormant in your body.

So what’s the plan?


Begin with whole grains boiled with a digestive spices, nuts, seeds, and fruit This can be done super quick if you have a rice cooker, just make sure to add extra waiter so it has a more oatmeal/ porridge type texture.

Although I LOVE chai and coffee, I take this week to be caffeine free and instead drink an herbal chai, still stimulating by digestion with the same spices mentioned above in the breakfast meal.


Yes, it is Ayurveda so we still are going to eat our kitcheri. The cool thing about kitcheri is that it is soo flexible. You can add veggies, mix up your beans, your grains- explore and enjoy! Just make sure it has plenty of healthy ghee or oil and the kitcheri spices. Depending on the weather I like to make a salad on the side or have some cooked veggies on the side to go with this.


Dinner is simple soup. I begin it in the morning and let it simmer all day in the crock pot, but other soups can also be made quick and delicious right before the meal.

The science behind this is to start the day with high protein slow burning energy , all while detoxing herbs support you with its spices and tea. Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day as that’s when we have the most energy to use to assimilate our food. If you are a salad lover like me, this is the best time to eat raw food. Dinner should be light but satisfying. Soup is great because the body does very little to break it down and you can go to bed on an empty stomach, allowing the body to optimally detox as it naturally does.

This is a cleanse I have typically given to my Panchakarma clients before they begin the deep work of Panchkarma, to prepare the body for a week or more or regular lymphatic bodywork, hydrating scrubs, herbal oil massage, steam treatments, and colonics.

This cleanse can be gluten free, vegan, and adjusted to any allergies. For some of us, just eating a simple gentle food 3 times a day can offer a huge benefit if you are already on the path of eating well. For others, just getting off of processed foods, sugars, and intoxicants for a week can plant the seed of how good it feels to be clean!

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About Emily Rosenberger

Emily Rosenberger is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga teacher who guides women to hormonal balance and self love. She is the creator of Sattva Ayurveda Botanicals and is based out of Santa Cruz CA. Find her online at

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