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Can Social Media Replace Real Human Connection?

By on July 7, 2016
real human connection

Every time I turn around, there is another article or story on social media/networking’s fantastic explosion into our little worlds. I was thinking about why these networks are such a huge success as well as our biological need for human connection. One main thing came to mind.


A starvation for human connection. We all crave it and we truly need it to keep us balanced. We are zipping here and there to enhance our careers and chase our dreams, but in the process many of us leave loved ones and friends behind.

Thanks to social networking we can take our friends with us…or can we?

I agree that it feels really good to see all of them there on the screen. They feel close because I know exactly what they are up to. But what about hearing their voice, receiving their hug, kissing their child on the head, or shopping with them on a Saturday? What about seeing the expression on their face about your funny story, rather than a “comment” an hour later on a screen?

Honestly, I miss my friends’ physical presence – I miss their energy and their laughter…and that’s not something a computer can deliver.

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My teacher, Dr. Apte, said that one of the main causes of imbalance in America is loneliness.

It is a vata imbalance where there is a lack of nourishment, grounding, and touch. The TRIPPY thing is that the computer is also vata imbalancing…so it’s a circle. Lonely – go to computer. Computer – makes you feel more lonely. Because the computer is not alive and breathing, we don’t get any energy from it, there is no prana, no life.

Without real human connection, computers can cause feelings of:

  • Loneliness
  • Emptiness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Or even a sense of desperation

My point is that these social networking sites do not replace human beings.

Person to person connection is what we crave. I am not poo-pooing social networking. I love it to get my message of Ayurveda out to everyone – like, thank GOODNESS for that. However, I am also one of those people running, chasing, and leaving people behind. It’s just not a substitute for people.

So let’s get out, see them, hug them, laugh with them. There is no better medicine than spending quality time with people you really love. Human connection!

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