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Here are some of my most recent articles and videos to get you started on simple, practical steps to revitalize your energy and reform your health overall…

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment with Ayurveda

[Energy Feed #7]

Do you have adrenal fatigue? The answer may be “yes” if you…

  • have low or no energy on a regular basis;
  • can’t easily or full concentrate;
  • crave sweets;
  • are addicted to caffeine;
  • lack sex drive;
  • experience high or low blood sugar.

Check out today’s “Energy Feed” to learn more, or keep reading…

Get Your Energy Feed—and Free Ayurveda Coaching

[Energy Feed #6]

Today’s Energy Feed is something special—a special offer, that is.

I’m celebrating my recent relocation to a place that supports my prakruti (unique original nature) and settles my vikruti (unique imbalances). It’s a place with more prana (life force) than where I was previously that offers more support for my health overall, where I naturally have more energy every day.

And my celebration to this beautiful place—Asheville, North Carolina, by the way—entails some free Ayurvedic health coaching for YOU… [Continue reading…]

Relieve Stress and Revitalize Your Energy: Ayurvedic Self-Massage

[Energy Feed #5]

The most immediate, effective remedy for stress-induced anxiety that I know is also an excellent preventative against it.

If you’re serious about relieving the symptoms of stress in your body, you need to give yourself 15 minutes a day to do it.

This is an Ayurvedic practice known as abhyanga—a self-anointment and self-massage using warm oil.  Today’s Energy Feed is a no-fuss introduction to it. [Continue reading…]

How to Fall Asleep at Night

[Energy Feed #4]

Okay, so now you know (from last week’s Energy Feed) how to sleep better through the night.  Be sure to watch that if you haven’t already.

But what if you’re having trouble falling asleep in the first place?

Following a gentle evening routine is key to priming your body for sleepiness and easily falling asleep each night.

This DOES NOT have to be an ornate routine.  Having a simple routine… [Keep reading…]

How to Sleep Better—An Ayurvedic Tutorial

If you want a deeper, more restful night of sleep each night, there are a few basic habits you can follow to make that happen.

Learn what they are in the short “Energy Feed” below, or keep on reading…

Tired All the Time—the Ayurveda Solution

When you’re feeling tired all the time, this is an indication that the foundations of your health are faltering.

Last week I explained specifically what those imbalanced foundations are and what they mean for your health.

In this week’s “Energy Feed” you’ll learn specific solutions to that recurring tiredness:

1: How to reset your metabolism and your blood sugar levels for strong, stable energy throughout the day.

2: How to reset your circadian rhythm so you can have a deep, restful night of sleep and wake up refreshed each day.


Always Tired? Here’s WHY 

Are you feeling tired a lot of the time?

Low energy is a crucial signal of health imbalance…

Something dire is happening at the foundational levels of your health when you regularly wake up feeling tired, have noticeable energy lows throughout the day, aren’t able to get a good night’s sleep or have trouble staying focused on tasks… [Continue]

Exhausted? It’s Not What You’re Eating

There is a lot of talk in the health world—including the Ayurvedic health world—about WHAT to eat. Eat this.  Don’t eat that.  Don’t eat that either! It’s overload, right?  Your health can be so much simpler than that… Continue Reading

The #1 Key to Being Healthy

Every week I talk to multiple people who want to have more energy, lose weight, stabilize their blood sugar, or relieve their anxiety, depression, chronic pain, digestive issues….and the list goes on. When I ask these people why they aren’t taking better care of themselves, the most common response is: “I don’t have the time.” Sound familiar? …Continue Reading

Recipe: Simple Cleansing Kichari

Kichari (pronounced KIH-cha-ree) is an ages-old Ayurvedic comfort food that is still popular in Indian kitchens today.  Traditionally, variations of it are cooked to help treat all kinds of imbalances, using different spices for different ailments… Continue Reading

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