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3 Reasons Why Raw Vegan Desserts Give you Gut Rot

By on June 22, 2016
Raw Vegan Desserts

So a friend invites you to a new hip raw food joint.  Salads and rolls dominate the menu, as well as clever interpretations of lasagna, “pasta” and other well-known dishes. You are reminded by your waiter that everything they serve is 100% vegan, raw and organic. The list of  raw vegan desserts is impressive.

After appetizers and entrees, you don’t feel quite satisfied, and the raw vegan desserts the waiter is pushing actually looks pretty good.  You order the chocolate-goji mousse pie and your friend the cashew-coconut cheesecake. You enjoy three minutes of relative pleasure, followed by hours of feeling awful.  Just like a brick in your stomach  Why?

3 Simple Reasons to Avoid Raw Vegan Desserts:

1- They are Too Dense

A typical recipe for a raw pie starts with a crust made of nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia. These nuts are then blended in a base of dried fruit, like dates or figs.  Then a cream made of cashews, avocados, bananas, cacao and other superfoods is poured into and cooled, et voilà!  Of course, there are exceptions, but most of what is offered follows that outline.

In Ayurveda, proper digestion is known to be the foundation of health.  In other words, the most important thing is not the nutritional content of food outside the body, but the nutrition you are able to absorb and utilize.  Nuts and dried fruit are extremely nutritious foods, but they also happen to be very dense and hard to digest.  When you process all of those heavy nuts and dried fruits together into the shape of a dessert, guess what happens?  It might be organic, raw and vegan, but it does NOT make it easy to digest.

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2- The Portions are Too Big

We are creatures of habit that respond to visual cues.  Most of us have grown up eating traditional cakes and pies. We have been conditioned to respond to the look of a slice of pie.  Raw food restaurants know that, and they serve dessert portions that fulfill these expectation.  The difference is that, while traditional cakes and pie contains flour, eggs, sugar and butter (all ingredients that have been more or less reviled in one way or the other), most of them are actually less dense than raw food desserts.  A leavened cake contains air bubbles, pie is often filled with cooked whole fruit. So that massive piece of cashew-lime cheesecake is offered to you to fulfill the expectation of what a piece of cheesecake looks like, not in relation to its actual content.

Often the piece of dessert will have twice the amount of calories of the entree.  If you would hold the amounts of nuts and dried fruits that are in that piece of dessert in your hands, you probably would not want to eat all of that in one sitting.  Not even close.

3- Raw Vegan Desserts are zero-doshic

Ayurveda explains that the three constitutional types, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, all have different needs and digestive capacities. Vata types often have a more sensitive digestion than other types.  Thus a cold, dense, raw vegan dessert is the last thing they need at the end of a meal.  While Pitta types generally have a strong digestive fire that can digest almost anything,the high nut and fat content that these desserts contain is too heating for their constitutions.  As for Kapha, they need food that is warming and light, the opposite of a piece of raw cashew cream pie. It would probably create mucus and heaviness.  So no-one wins.

What to do instead?

You still want to indulge?  A few tweaks can make a big difference.

  • Share one piece between 3 or 4 people.  The amount makes a big difference.  If you are reasonably healthy, go small. Nibble on the raw vegan desserts in moderation. Consume about a piece the size of a large truffle.  So, sharing is caring, in more ways than one.
  • Have a sweet hot drink .  A spiced up hot chocolate, chai or other warm concoction with cow’s, almond or coconut milk will be a lot gentler on your digestion and fulfill your craving for sweet.  It takes a moment of determination to say no to the pie, but the sting will disappear the moment you hold that warm cup in your hand.
  • Have the real thing instead. Say no today, and keep your sweet tooth in check until you can have something that will truly satisfy it. Just do it in moderation, in amounts that agree with you, and preferable baked with whole ingredients by someone who loves you.

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