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Clove: Spice It Up!

By on December 19, 2016


Caryophyllus aromaticus • Sanskrit: Lavanga • Hindi: Laung

Clove is a dried flower bud picked from a tropical evergreen tree. Traditionally, it is chewed whole after a meal to freshen the breath and stimulate digestion. It can also be taken as a tea for nausea, indigestion or gas. Mixed with honey it is used to alleviate colds and cough. Spicy clove is commonly added to aphrodisiac concoctions.

Clove has a strong, pungent, somewhat bitter flavor that can easily override the other spices in a batch of chai. For a balanced masala chai, start with one or two cloves at first, then add more if you like, to taste. Clove is a very hot spice, so leave it out during the summer months or if you have excess heat in your system.

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Patrick Shaw has devoted his life to making the healing wisdom of the East accessible to Western culture. As well as being a seasoned India traveler and chai wallah, Patrick is a practitioner of Ayurveda, having studied under the tutelage of Dr. Vasant Lad, founder of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. He is the author, with his illustrator wife Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw, of Chai Pilgrimage.

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