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Ayurvedic Nutrition: The Ancient Recipe of Happiness

By on January 25, 2017
ayurvedic nutrition

Ayurvedic Nutrition is based in the art of awakened living and connection to nature. It immerses us in the grace of creation, where thanks to this conscious connection we find everything we need to know, feel, learn internalize, for healthy living, harmoniously & happily.

Everything begins with the relationship we have with ourselves as we nurture our being and therefore our environment by listening. There within us, subtly calls the wisdom of nature, when we make decisions with awareness and “choose” what will nourish our being.

If we recognize our body as a temple and if we consider that our food is our medicine, we will choose and cook our food lovingly, joyfully and with gratitude then we are ensuring the time of our nourishment as a “a divine act”. An act that not only will heal and nourish our self, but a divine act in which we are healing and nourishing the entire world.

Following this constant act of love towards ourselves, we know and feel that our body does not need elaborate food and chemical products such as colorants, sweeteners, flavorings, preservatives, that keep our being agitated, stressed, insecure, confused, without mental clarity, caught in the superficial world and that do not give us any nutritional value as well.

Canned and frozen food (even if they are fruits and vegetables) have completely lost their Prana (energy of Life), meat can place in our being fear, anxiety, anger, mistrust, dullness, inertia, and the tendency for depression.

The subtle power of love and the warmth of nature enters us when we choose herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, grains, cereals, beans, spices, and natural sweets that have high level of natural energy and light. They give us the ability to think clearly, to nourish our bodies, stabilize our minds and make us more alive in spirit, more compassionate, faithful, caring, calm, loyal, open-hearted, and creative.

An act of love to our self is when we choose to prepare a warm cup of tea of fresh ginger in the morning, where we are helping our system to ignite the Agni and power of transformation/transmutation of physical matter in subtle energy, recognized as fire within each of us, nourishing us also with vitality, clarity, perception and right discrimination.

We should learn that it’s in the simplicity, the magic; in a colorful and warm vegetable dish impregnated with the smell of sacredness from coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, jeera, and holy basil.

If we live in awareness or fully in the present, we are adding not only to our food but to our lives the most precious invaluable spice “Love”.

It is by our acts of love that we create Happiness and spread it everywhere and of course the most obvious act of love we can see, feel, experience and learn comes directly from Mother Nature.

If we have the opportunity to explore and learn more about our natural constitution Ayurveda (doshas: vata – pitta – kapha) we can even deepen our understanding so then we can access all the benefits it gives us specifically for our dosha and master the way we nourish our bodies, mind and spirit.

The Ancient recipe of Happiness is “Love”, preparing love in our kitchen, creating love, nourishing love, sharing love, giving love.

Ayurvedic Nutrition gifts us with a correct awareness that we can apply to the art of nourishing ourselves, the art of conscious living, being in resonance with nature, making our being and our environment One, immersed in the grace of Universal Love, where true Happiness lies.

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About Jessica Vilches Albina

Jessica created Ayurveda Yoga Sadhana as a way to share joyfully all the tools that this generous creative force called life has left along her way, so that others can feel inspired to begin their own Sadhana. She practices and teaches Yoga and Ayurveda, and leads retreats at her center in Thailand.

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