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Ayurveda’s 8 Best Foods for Preventing Heart Disease

By on March 21, 2016
best foods for preventing heart disease

Heart disease–coronary heart disease, heart attack, congestive heart failure, and congenital heart disease–is the leading cause of death for men and women worldwide.

Prevention includes:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Controlling high blood pressure
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising

The Heart in Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the heart is one of the three main marmas (vital organs).

There are many srotas (channels) responsible for the circulation of various materials like dhatus (tissues), energy, wastes and prana (life air). Prana vaha srotas, which are responsible for the flow of prana in the body, are the main srotas. The heart is the root of prana vaha srotas. All the main blood vessels originate from the heart.

The heart is also the seat of the consciousness or soul. It is related to ojas (vital fluid), which sustains the consciousness or soul and keeps the person alive.

The 8 Best Foods for Preventing Heart Disease

1. Papaya

It contains Beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lutein (carotenoids); Vitamins C and E; folate; calcium; magnesium; potassium. Once or twice a week is beneficial eaten fresh, but don’t use papaya supplements.

2. Amla – Indian Gooseberries

Beta- and alpha-carotene, , lutein (carotenoids); vitamin C; potassium; folate; fiber. Add amla powder into your routine dishes.

3. Asparagus

Beta-carotene and lutein (carotenoids); B-complex vitamins; folate; fiber. Grill or steam slightly, then dress with olive oil and lemon. It’s a pretty side dish, and its natural folate is very beneficial for strengthening the walls of the heart.

4. Spinach

Lutein (a carotenoid); B-complex vitamins; folate; magnesium; potassium; calcium; fiber. Indian dishes made from spinach include palak subji and palak paratha for healthy snacks.

5. Brown rice

B-complex vitamins; fiber; niacin; magnesium, fiber. Brown rice biryani makes a quick lunch. Stir in a few chopped veggies (broccoli, carrots, spinach).

6. Flaxseed (ground)

Omega-3 fatty acids; fiber, phytoestrogens. Ground flaxseed hides easily in all sorts of foods — yogurt parfaits, morning cereal, homemade muffins, or cookies.

7. Oatmeal

Omega-3 fatty acids; magnesium; potassium; folate; niacin; calcium; soluble fiber. Top hot oatmeal with fresh berries.

8. Arjuna

Last but not the least the best heart medicine according to Ayurveda is Arjuna. In a study conducted at the Gujarat Ayurvedic University, Terminalia Arjuna was administered to heart patients. In 66% of the cases the levels of chest pains, palpitation and fatigue came down dramatically and blood pressure and pulse rate came back to normal.

Terminalia Arjuna has been used in Ayurveda for cardiac ailments since ancient times. Arjuna is a dense and tall tree and has long, cone shaped round leaves and white bark used in medicines. It should be taken as per your Ayurvedic consultant’s advice.

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About Kinshuk Hirpara

Dr. Kinshuk Hirpara graduated from Akhandanand Ayurvedic College in Ahmedabad, India, and completed a Masters in clinical research at Gujarat University. Her practice is focused on skin, hair, and pediatric health and disease. She is a column writer for Gujarat Times, and regular guest on radio and television in Gujarat. Read more of her work on Blogger.

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