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Get the Gunk out of Your System with an Ayurveda Cleanse

By on August 5, 2016

Heyo! I’ve been getting a string of questions from several of you around a common theme: An Ayurveda Cleanse.

Let me ask, do you know why an Ayurveda cleanse is important? {have a think}

It’s important because we use our bodies every single day. Without taking time to clean it and nourish it, our bodies will start to break down in places. It’s kind of like a car. If we don’t give our cars oil changes, tune-ups, and repair small problems as they come up, the damages later would be very costly (and much worse).

Same with our bods! We breathe things, see things, smell things, our skin absorbs things, we eat things, we get emotionally affected by things…and over time all those “things” stick on us and clog our bods and minds.

As a daily habit, sleeping is good to restore the body and so is eating the right foods. But even with those two things in place, we still need to take time to cleanse at least once a year. Even better yet,  as the seasons change because our body is in constant use!

Why an Ayurveda Cleanse?

The biggest reason for an Ayurveda cleanse is to get rid of any ama that has built up over time. Also we cleanse to rebuild our agni (digestive fire) to a powerful state. Remember, mal-functiong agni is reponsible for 90% of all disease! That’s a mighty statement and GOSH is it true!

Ama is – sticky, thick, white goo – a blockage which hinders our bodies, minds, and emotional well being. It’s basically a collection of old food-stuffs (old emotional-stuffs too!). We want to make sure our energy is running smooth and clear from head to toe so we can be our very best and brightest selves.

Time to clean it out. All right, let’s do this. Below are instructions for a light kitchari Ayurveda cleanse and then a deeper kitchari Ayurveda cleanse with herbs, detox tea, and warm oils for massage.

Ayurveda Cleanse #1: A Kitchari Cleanse

This simple kitchari Ayurvedic cleanse can be done any time you need it! Simply commit to 3-7 days of eating a monodiet of kitchari. How do you know if you “need” it? Are you feeling any ickiness in your mind, body, guts, joints, mood, etc.,?

Eat some kitchari for a few days and you should start to feel better. Any anger, irritability, anxiety, worry, sadness, should start to lighten and dissipate. Feelings of heaviness, bloating, indigestion, or constipation will go away. Cloudiness of mind, confusion, uncertainty, or indecisiveness will start to gain clarity. Hooray!

How to do it?

• Make a nice batch of kitchari. If you want one-stop shopping, you can buy the Colorado Ayurvedic Cleanse Kit.
• Sip ginger tea in the morning. If you are hungry, have some kitchari. Not hungry? Sip ginger tea and/or hot water (can add lemon) until you feel hungry.
• Have kitchari for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• Check your tongue. If your tongue is pink, add ghee to the top (vatas and pittas can have a nice amount of ghee, kaphas have less). If your tongue is not pink (yet, it will be soon), wait to add extra ghee until your tongue is pink.
• You can sip herbal (caffeine free) teas during the day and have as much water as you like
• If you are very hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit (banana, peeled apple or pear, berries) and some tea
• Be sure to fill up during meals and have as much kitchari as you like.
• Do this for 3-7 days. You can journal how you feel along the way!

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Post Ayurveda cleanse- just as important as the Ayurveda cleanse itself!

It is important to slowly rebuild agni to be good and strong. So don’t say, “Yay! My Ayurvedic cleanse is over! I’m going out for steak and wine and chocolate cake!” No no no, don’t do that!

If you eat normally right after the Ayurvedic cleanse, agni won’t be strong enough and you will start building up ama right away.

I suggest to have liquid soup with veggies the next day. Next day have soup with rice or noodles. Next day have rice and veggies. Next day you can start eating normally. See that? A little step-by-step process to eating normal again.

*HINT: Do this with ANY cleanse, even if it’s not this one. It’s really important!!

Ayurveda Cleanse #2: The Deeper Ayurveda Cleanse

The deeper Ayurveda cleanse is not quite panchakarma (more on that soon, too much for this post), but it’s about as good as you can get by doing it from home. Follow the full 2-week Colorado Ayurvedic cleanse.

• Follow the same instructions as above (they also have instructions) but you’ll be including massage, herbs, and the tea

When you are doing an Ayurveda cleanse (even just a short one for 3 days), remember to RELAX. Make time and space for it. This is a cleanse for the mind and spirit and emotions just as it is for the body. If you cannot take off a day or two from work, be sure to unplug, unwind, and spend some time relaxing. Walks are good. Yoga is good. Intense exercise is not good. No tv or computer, books instead. Nice music, candles, warm socks, incense, sunsets, windows open…are all good things. NOURISH.

Yeah? What questions can I answer for you about cleansing?


AYURVEDIC CLEANSE: 4-Day Home Cleanse Program

Ayurvedic Cleanse

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