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Avoid a Meltdown and Stay Cool This Summer!

By on June 6, 2017
stay cool this summer

As the seasons shift, nature changes and we are faced with an evolving environment. If you observe nature, you will see the many amazing ways in which the world around us adapts to the big and subtle shifts that come with changing temperatures, amount of daylight and different seasonal foods. Animals instinctively shift their behavior and preferences to adjust to seasonal cycles and maintain balance.

We can also learn from nature and become more aware of the subtle shifts which occur with changing seasons. This can help maintain balance and good health.

In the Northern hemisphere we are experiencing the heat of summer. In Ayurvedic Medicine, this is pitta season, a time of heat and intense sun. High temperatures and stress can intensify pitta energy. You may notice that people tend to get short-tempered or irritated as the temperature soars. Other signs of aggravated pitta energy include lethargy, skin rashes, low blood sugar, difficulty falling asleep, water retention, heartburn and impatience.

Adapt to the shifting seasons with grace and wellness

Fortunately, there are some great ways to reduce inflammation, maintain balance and keep your cool during the hot days of summer!

Food and exercise are two variables that can be adapted according to individual constitution and season to help you maintain balance and achieve optimal wellness!

Enjoy cooling, bitter, astringent and sweet foods to balance the heat:

  • Salads and light greens are great for keeping cool in the summer.
  • Try incorporating cooling foods like cabbage, melons, celery, cucumbers, seaweed, summer squash and dark leafy greens.
  • Eat fewer foods that are sour, hot and spicy.

To stay in shape while keeping your cool during the heat of summer:

  • Choose fun, light and non-competitive activities like yoga (not hot yoga!), swimming and dancing.
  • Don’t push yourself to exhaustion.
  • Stay hydrated with room temperature water. Avoid iced water which can harm your digestive ability and lead to fatigue. Try pure filtered water, coconut water, or water with cucumber slices or mint leaves.
  • Exercise in the early morning and avoid exertion in the midday sun.

Other tips to help you keep your cool:

  • Stay mindful during eating and movement. Remain aware of how your body feels and reacts to the situation and listen to it. Learn how to further cultivate mindfulness and eat in accordance with your intuition.
  • Rub your feet and hands with coconut oil before going to bed to calm, cool and soothe your body.
  • Make time to enjoy the summer season and play! Spend time with people you enjoy and try to engage in activities you truly love!
  • Try making a blended cilantro paste to apply to irritated skin, rashes and bug bites. This will reduce swelling, redness, itching and inflammation.
  • Avoid alcohol which is heating.

What are your favorite summer activities and treats?

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About Jennifer Weinberg

Dr. Jennifer Weinberg, MD, MPH, MBE is a preventive and lifestyle medicine physician, author, environmental health expert, speaker, author and the Founder of the Simple | Pure | Whole TM Wellness Method. Her mission is to empower individuals and populations to heal themselves and live a pure, whole life through lifestyle interventions, including nutrition, physical activity, mind-body techniques and decreased toxic environmental exposures.  She offers innovative online wellness and education programs for individuals looking for sustainable optimal health and non-toxic living as well as health care providers seeking to embrace a transformative approach to health care and corporations wanting to integrate a holistic approach to corporate wellness. 


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