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Dan Barnes of ruvedic.com has his roots in Ayurveda. He has apprenticed with an Australian shaman who has been practicing a lineage originating from the Northern Peruvian Amazon. This shamanic perspective has helped him perceive the energetics of disease and how vibrational calibration is the key to healing our whole being. He sees the correlation of traditional Ayurveda and this shamanic practice and how they work hand in hand to give a fully integral approach to healing. Check out more of his writing at- https://oneworldquestion.com/ & https://ruvedic.org/
  • sounds of the chakras
    How to Use the Primordial Sounds of the Chakras for Healing

    Just because we cannot see the wind does not mean it is not there. – Ken Wilber Its divine by design, and so are you and I. Ayurvedic texts convey that the ‘source’ was pure consciousness or...

    • Posted January 16, 2017
    • 2
  • himalayan yogi
    A Candid Encounter with a Himalayan Yogi

    Dan: I would like to open the doors of your awareness to a divine energy, one which is spiritual and vibrating. Within our energy system we have a ‘current of light’ that runs from the base chakra...

    • Posted January 5, 2017
    • 1
  • ayurveda and ayahuasca
    Does Ayahuasca Have a Place in Ayurveda?

    Over the last million years or so, we have been provided with ways of furthering our consciousness or changing our perception of our world, ourselves and our relation to the cosmos. With the use of certain practices,...

    • Posted July 23, 2016
    • 16
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