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Are you anchored in your health?

By on August 12, 2015

Anchors are much in my thoughts. An anchor is a source of stability and security.

In the wrong place, an anchor can block movement and cause stagnation.

In our day-to-day choices, belief anchors can hold us back or help us grow with the flow of life.

Why has this come up?  The needs of my family—once all encompassing—are less. I am examining my beliefs to:

  • Upend attachment anchors of the past that disturb my dosha
  • Effect positive change
  • Cement New Certainty anchors to promote balance
  • Raise my vibration
  • Grow my spirit

Why do anchors and habits form?

Brain Cells can make many connections.

Habits are held in the brain in clusters of cells that maintain their association to make the habit nearly automatic. Once formed, current information suggests that the associations are somewhat permanent—hence the notion of a certainty anchors.

The book The Power of Habit, Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business suggests old attachments and habit loops never really go away. We can change an attachment anchor’s power in our lives. Work to demote it from the unconscious or go to response to a distant memory in the past.

Ellen Tadd, author and teacher speaks on attachment anchors. Ellen defines attachment as desire contaminated by or mixed with fear. Attachments driven by fear or anxiety settle deep within our psyche. These belief anchors direct our behavior at a level below conscious decision. These subconscious fears hold us in a lower vibration, deepen the groves of unconsciousness and keep the wheel of Karma turning. Time to Jump off the wheel!

When you have an intense reaction you don’t understand, look for an attachment anchor. The opportunity is there to detach from and dis-empower old beliefs and habits by working with them from a loving place. There is wisdom in recognizing constricting patterns and releasing from them. It is clear to me that unknowing attachment anchors have perhaps a deeper sureness than younger habits like a new certainty anchor.

Certainty anchors can be placed by choice of habit or happen by luck. They connect you to your stability like the anchor line to the dock. The right certainty anchors will help you leverage change for the better.

Cate Stillman of Yoga teaches anchoring healthful habits into our daily routines dina charya. Practiced self care and elevated awareness that becomes certainty anchors. You become your healthiest and most vibrant, free to pursue and manifest. Anchoring health habits enable you the freedom to uplevel your way of being and your vibration.

Ayurveda based self care stands as a wonderful default go to in a world that doesn’t support self care.

In our practice of Ayurveda we all need to keep anchoring into the best we know. Be free to learn, pull up anchor and drop anchor again in the best and brightest understanding. Anchor new habits in connection and certainty with our best beliefs and our highest goals.

I often think of the Maya Angello quote. ”When you know better you do better.”

At each anchor point consciously acquire habits that support your highest vibration. Release things that don’t serve. Certainty and routine free us. Healthy habits elevate us. The combination contributes to an upward spiral of behavior and vibration spurring growth.

Jonathan Fields, author of the book Uncertaintyspeaks to certainty anchors:

“They provide just enough of a foundation to allow you to free up that part of your brain that needs permission to run encumbered in the quest to create the greatest possible something from nothing. Some of the most creative people in the world are attached to rituals and routines in their everyday lives.”

Is this not a wonderful way of thinking about habits, free your mind up to explore possibilities? After reading and hearing these wonderful, thinkers put their ore in the water on anchors, I really started looking at attachments anchors I want to release or demote as well as certainty anchors I want to cement.

What do I want as certainty in my life?

One thing I am seeking certainty in my connection to my health, my nature and my dharma. I want to steep myself in habits and rituals that keep me healthy, free me from the ordinary and support my exploration of the things extraordinary.

Share a certainty anchor you are working on to uplevel your life…

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About Mary Sullivan

Mary Sullivan is an Ayurvedic yoga specialist, avid student of the Ayurvedic Living Course, amateur herbalist, canner, fermenter and cook. She teaches classes on meditation, self-care, health and food. Read more from Mary at and on Facebook..

One Comment

  1. Cate Stillman

    August 14, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Mary –
    exactly – we can embed habits that compound into who we want to become.

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