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How to Make Your Love Life Sizzling Hot

By on August 20, 2016
Love Life

When looking at ways to spice up your intimate life, it may be tempting to run to the adult store in search of a magic love potion or quick fix. There is no shortage of items that claim to infuse your love life with results that will leave you reeling.

The truth, however, is that to truly experience the type of intimacy that will rev up your love life, you have to delve deep into your relationship with your partner. Flowers and chocolates are great, but if you want to spice up your relationship in new and unique ways that will last longer than just a fleeting moment, try the six Ayurveda-inspired ideas below.

1. Cook Together

Ayurveda introduced the art of personalized cooking 5,000 years ago, and teaches that while the food you put into your body is of utmost importance, the way it is prepared makes a difference as well.

Cook together, and spice it up with a variety of spices and herbs to create a dish that will energize your body.  Choose a delicious dish that is Ayurvedically appropriate for both of you, and work with each other to slowly and sensually prepare the food. The meal and intimate time together will revitalize your bodies, minds and spirits. The food on your plate won’t be the only thing that’s sizzling.

2. Exercise More

Daily exercise is recommended in Ayurveda to maximize health and increase longevity.

Exercising awakens your body to a more heightened sense of sensuality and can help your body more easily communicate with others. By getting your heart pumping, you increase blood flow, which can mean more pleasure for both you and your partner. Whether hiking, strength-training or experimenting in partner acro-yoga, you will find yourselves discovering new ways to communicate, during your workouts and your sexual experiences.

3. Laugh Often

Laughter is such an important part of the Ayurveda and Yoga lifestyle that there are entire exercise classes dedicated to “laughter yoga.” Laughter truly is the best medicine and in a world where the demands and stresses of daily life can seem overwhelming, sometimes it takes a backseat.

Incorporate laughter into your relationship by making a concerted effort to do or talk together about things that make you laugh. Devote part of your conversations to topics in which you find joy in the things that are happening in your life. Identify and nourish the things that bring joy and laughter to you, and you will see that joy flow into your relationship.

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EP - Self Massage

4. Practice Massage

Self-love is a necessary component of achieving the romantic love of a committed relationship. By increasing the quota of time you spend on yourself, you will feel more generous and loving toward others, especially your partner.

Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic massage with warm oil that enhances the flow of energy throughout your body. Saturating oneself with the oil, Ayurveda teaches, is like being drenched with love. It produces feelings similar to those evoked by being deeply loved by someone.

Massage your body with warm oil, patience and love before your morning shower. To really spice up your relationship, pick one day a week in which you and your partner complete your massages together.

5. Pay Attention to the Little Things

When it comes to relationships, it truly is “all in the details.”

Make an effort to pamper your partner with kind gestures. Whether a simple smile or a small gift given unexpectedly, the act of giving can ignite romance with very little effort.

Leave little love notes for each other that express what you love most about one another and affirm your partner with words of tenderness. Dote on each other. Listen attentively and pay attention to body language. Don’t let a smile or simple touch go unnoticed. The energy of your everyday gestures and touches will transfer directly to the privacy of your bed.

6. Nourish Your Vitality

Sexuality is an integral part of the spiritual journey in Ayurveda, and is closely linked with one’s Ojas.

The core source of vitality, strength, radiance and immunity, Ojas can be depleted by lack of rest, excess stress and neglect of self-care.

Choose 30 days that you and your partner can spend nourishing your Ojas by taking in nutritious foods and herbs and getting adequate rest. Set aside the necessary time to pamper your body and to provide yourself and your partner great self-care. Meditation, essential oils and healthy, nutrient-rich foods should be incorporated into this restorative time. By treating your bodies as temples, you will feel a glow radiate deep into your relationship and overflow into the rest of your life.

To achieve true romance in a relationship, it is necessary to look and change within. By nourishing and finding balance within yourself, you can, in turn, bring lasting harmony and pleasure into the relationship shared with your partner. Together you can work on incorporating Ayurveda’s principles to restore, revitalize and spice up your relationship in new and sensual ways.

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