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5 Reasons to Choose Ayurveda for Weight Loss

By on November 1, 2016

Ayurveda for weight loss…There is a famous Chinese proverb: “Obesity increases the waistline and decreases the lifeline.”

Obese persons have profound abnormalities in health-related quality of life. Diabetes mellitus, insulin resistance, metabolic syndromes, endocrine disorders, infertility and hypertension are strongly associated with overweight in both genders in all ethnic groups.

Diseases of the bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue and skin are found to significantly increase in overweight individuals.

Also, obese individuals are exposed to psychosocial consequences of public disapproval of their fatness. This stigma occurs in education, employment, healthcare and elsewhere.

In the ancient textbook Charaka Samhita it is explained that, “A person having pendulous appearance of buttocks, abdomen and breasts due to excess deposition of medas or fat tissue along with mamsa dhatu or muscle tissue and also having unequal and abnormal distribution of fat with reduced enthusiasm towards life is called Atisthula or Obese.”

In this fast-paced busy world we live many of us struggle with weight loss still seeking an answer. Although there are plenty of options available for weight loss, Ayurveda for weight loss can be an all encompassing & healthy answer.

Causes of Obesity

Negligence and continued practice of unwholesome regimen can lead to obesity. When left untreated or unattended it may lead to serious complications. The common causes of obesity are:

  • Over eating
  • Excess eating of heavy, sweet, cold and unctuous food
  • Abstinence from sexual intercourse
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Day sleep
  • Uninterrupted cheerfulness
  • Lack of mental activity
  • Heredity

Pathogenesis of Obesity

Due to obstruction of the passage by fat, the movement of Vata dosha is specially confined to Koshta (alimentary tract) resulting in the stimulation of digestive power and absorption of food. So the patient digests food quickly and becomes a voracious eater.

If he does not get food when he needs, he can be subjected to many diseases of serious nature. Agni (Digestive fire) and Vata dosha are the two most troublesome factors. They burn the corpulent ones as the forest fire burns the forest.

In the event of disproportionate increase of fat, diseases of very serious types are caused, all of a sudden, by Vata dosha, etc. which may lead to instantaneous death. Owing to an excessive increase of fat and muscle tissue, the buttocks, abdomen and breast become pendulous and the strength is rendered disproportionate with the physical growth.

Both obese and emaciated persons suffer from some diseases or the other all the time. The volume of suffering in the case of obese persons is far greater than in emaciated ones.

Slimming therapies help to treat obesity. The main difficulty in treatment with obese persons is that if they are given nourishing treatment, they will grow more obese. Also they cannot even withstand slimming therapy because of their strong digestive power.

Heavy and non-nourishing diet is prescribed for slimming in case of obesity in order to restore normal health. By virtue of heaviness the diet would minimize the force of non-aggravated power of digestion and due to the non-nourishing nature; they would help to reduce fat.

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Major Consequences of Obesity

  • In obese people, fat tissue grows whereas other tissues are under nourished. This affects longevity.
  • The bodily movement is impaired due to the looseness, tenderness and heaviness of fats. This makes sexual act difficult because of small quantity of Shukra (Semen) and also due to Srotorodha (obstruction to the channels carrying semen) by fat tissue.
  • Weakness prevails as the equilibrium of tissues is disturbed.
  • Bad smell is caused by inherent defect and nature of fat tissue and also due to excessive sweating.
  • As fat is associated with Kapha and as it is fluid, multitudinous and heavy, as such, it cannot withstand physical exercise and it brings about excessive sweating in the body.
  • Because of sharp digestive power and the presence of Vata dosha in excessive quantity, there is excessive hunger and thirst.
  • Other consequences may include lethargy, low vitality, lack of enthusiasm, laxity of limbs, accumulation of Ama (metabolic toxins) in the body, dyspnea on exertion, fatigue, stupor, difficulty in carrying out work, excessive sleep, pendulous buttock, breasts and abdomen, etc.

5 Reasons to Choose Ayurveda for Weight Loss

  1. Clears Ama (metabolic toxins), corrects Agni (digestive and metabolic fire) and amplifies metabolism—Improper diet, chronic stress or environmental factors weaken Agni leading to Ama formation. This causes slow metabolism creating systemic imbalances or malfunctions which makes weight loss a miserable uphill battle.
  2. Makes a huge difference to your waistline well as wellness—Ayurveda acts as a fat blocker, curbs carbs and sugar cravings, supports healthy lipid levels, regulates stress hormones & decreases emotional eating. Ayurveda effectively reduces body fat as well as belly fat while helping to achieve robust physical health and mental harmony.
  3. Personalized Approach—Ayurveda has a custom tailored approach unique to individual body types (Prakriti) using personalized treatment plan for weight loss. Ayurvedic principles of healthy eating habits and physical activity specific to one’s body type can be easily incorporated into one’s daily life for reaping rewards of healthy weight.
  4. Sustainable weight loss free from side effects—The side effects like loss of energy, various deficiencies, etc that often occur with other weight loss techniques does not because of Rasayana or Rejuvenation benefits of Ayurveda treatments which has target specific action producing myriad effect. Rasayana or Rejuvenation provides micronutrients and phyto-nutrients to nourish and support health of tissues and enhance its quality while reducing oxidative stress thereby preventing emotional eating.
  5. Non-invasive treatment with use of eco-friendly & bio-friendly plant based supplements—Ayurveda provides highly effective, safe and natural supplements for elimination of unwanted fat, to get back your natural curve and to preserve it.

Unlike extra ordinary efforts in diet and working out like a fanatic that could be unhealthy, leaving you withered and malnourished, Ayurveda has a multi-factorial approach, which helps you get on the road to healthy weight loss.

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