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Three Burps to Cherish

By on April 13, 2016
Three burps

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us and the stomach is no exception. Some of its most important messages surface in a way we often try to stifle and ignore, namely as burps. But in this article I’d like you to leave any embarrassment here and open your heart and mind. I’d like to introduce you to three burps you will soon recognize within yourself. Three burps you can truly come to cherish.

Behold, the Three Burps-

1. The Clean Burp

You are hungry. Your stomach may be grumbling. Its digestive enzymes are ready to break down food. You experience a burp and taste – nothing. It’s a Clean Burp and this is a good sign. Go ahead and eat a meal.

2. The Stop Eating Burp

While you are eating quite happily and not talking much, as Ayurveda suggests, taking only sips of room temperature water with your meal, oops, a small hiccup or burp happens. This is your signal to put your fork down and wrap up the rest of your food. Your stomach has had enough.

If you do so, no matter what you have eaten (a dense burrito or a rich risotto) you will feel light and clean.

If you continue to eat past this Stop Eating Burp, however – even just that one little teensy weensy bit more that was already on your fork already – it will be as if this polite plea from the tummy never happened. Your mind will take over and keep putting more fuel into the system that has already signaled, “enough.” And when your mind finally stops, your entire system will feel slow, sluggish, heavy and slightly “off” as the stomach desperately tries to do more than its fair share of work. Ugh.

3. The Not Yet Burp

Let’s say you indulged in that eating bonanza and it ended at 1pm. It is now close to suppertime at 5:30pm. Your friend is hungry and would like to get something to eat with you. You’re not quite there yet but figure you will be when you both sit down, and so you agree to meet him at 6pm at a restaurant.

Then you get the Not Yet Burp – and you taste the foods you ate at lunch. Your stomach is informing you that it is still working hard to digest its current contents and does not need anymore to contend with at this moment, thank you very much!

What should you do? Not eat, that’s for sure! Wait until you experience The Clean Burp before giving your stomach more to do.

Now many of you are reading this and thinking, “I don’t burp at meals. In fact I hardly ever burp! Maybe when I drink beer, but otherwise I just don’t burp.” Which is exactly how I reacted when my teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad, brought this to my attention.

“Observe,” was all he said in response.

And so I did, and sure enough I started to notice it each and every day. It became the easiest way to control my portions and I have never had to think in terms of calories since!

This method is tricky to detect, however, if you are drinking carbonated beverages with your meals, (so don’t) and it is also not for grazers. As Ayurveda advises, three meals a day with the largest one being at lunch-time, and an additional two light snacks (if necessary) in between is best. If you are eating small amounts all day long it not only diminishes agni, digestive fire, but makes it difficult for the stomach to signal with burps.

If you have trouble observing this natural phenomenon in yourself simply dine with others and witness the, “Oh excuse me’s,” friends and family members will utter as they cover their mouths and hiccup or belch into napkins. It’s often followed quickly by, “Could you please pass me that dish there?”

When I started dating the man I would later marry, I was astounded by the quantity of food he ordered when we ate out together. I soon learned he couldn’t live without Prilosec and TUMS. When I started becoming what he calls The Burp Police and pointing out the signals his stomach was offering at each meal his indigestion, acid reflux, Prisolec, TUMS, and excess weight all disappeared.

I hope you are as successful with deciphering these ancient messages from within and that with time you can transition from dreading their existence to truly cherishing your burps!

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About Hilary Kimblin Licht

Hilary Kimblin Licht is the founder and owner of Peace Tree Healing in Topanga, CA, specializing in Ayurveda, Massage, Hypnosis and Yoga.


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