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Join Dr Douillard Today for a Free Teleseminar on Weight Balancing!

By on January 12, 2014



According to Ayurveda, a few pounds of extra insulation in the winter is a natural and helpful thing. It can help our nervous systems feel more stable and safe, our hormones function well, and many other benefits of living with the seasons.  For some of us, the holiday fare combined with mood issues, more sedentary time, and other factors can result in excess winter weight.

For others, putting on the few extra needed pounds can be a challenge, making this season especially uncomfortable.

john-doulliard.2Join John Douillard live on Monday, January 13th for a special, FREE winter teleseminar to help guide you in finding balanced weight during these winter months.

Bonus: This talk will be followed by an ample Live Q&A.

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