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Ojas Building Recipes

What is Ojas? 

Ojas Building Recipes

By Suleyka Montpetit

According to Wikipedia “Ojas is a Sanskrit word which literally means “vigor.” According to the principles of Ayurveda, it is the essential energy of the body which can be equated with the “fluid of life.”  Ojas (pronounced oh-jus) is the ultimate refined result of digestion, metabolism, absorption and assimilation. The substance that connects the mind to the body and consciousness, it is a wholesome biochemical substance that nourishes all body tissues and has a direct influence on the nature and quality of physical, mental and emotional life.

As the purest substance in the universe and omnipresent in the human being, ojas is responsible for higher states of consciousness, purity of thoughts, perfect health, positivity in feelings, love, joy, better immunity, longevity, intelligence, creativity, memory, bliss, and thought process. When an individual’s inner consciousness awakens spontaneously, ojas increases.

In a nutshell, ojas is the sap of the entire physiology and sustains the life of an individual.

One of the best thing one can do to cultivate Ojas is to spend more time in introspection and meditation.  Even committing to taking one hour each day of “quiet time” (no phone, computer, sitting quietly, reading a book or practicing a craft) can help bring Ojas back in balance.

A Deeper Look at Ojas

By Lauren Gernady Sauer

Ojas is Responsible For:

  • Immunity
  • Glowing Skin
  • Top notch digestion
  • Physical Strength
  • Spiritual Inclination
  • Solid Sleep
  • Stable Moods

Ojas is the refined substance that occurs after digestion. Once all 7 tissues, or dhatus are fed and nourished, the end products is glorious ojas. The classical Ayurvedic texts state that it takes 30 days to build ojas. Yes, masticating and digesting a carrot may take less than 24 hours, but to get to the goods takes time. Knowing that it takes almost a month to create ojas, it is critical to protect and nourish our ojas supply as the quantity that runs through the body is ½ and Anjali, or the amount you can cup in a hand.

Your Ojas is Amazing if…

  • You bound out of bed each morning saying “Let’s Rock!” (Dr. Sunil Joshi)
  • Your skin positively glows without Mineral Fusion’s sparkly primer
  • The tongue is pink and the mouth tastes clean- save for the occasional roasted garlic binge
  • You feel light and limber- despite pants size, hell it’s only a number
  • Your mind does not feel like a TV running non-stop with no remote in sight
  • You rarely have to take a sick day, you know, for actually being sick (wink)
  • Your feel grounded with both feet planted firmly on the earth
  • Natural enthusiasm radiates from you- the world is your oyster
  • You smile and laugh

What Depletes Ojas?

  • Stress
  • Extreme Exercise
  • Constant Activity
  • Not taking time for Self-Care
  • Poor Diet
  • Excessive Sexual Activity
  • Traumatic Events
  • Grief

What Builds Ojas?

  • Love, love and love again
  • Laughter
  • Practicing whatever “Lights you up”
  • Volunteering- Selfless service
  • Nature
  • Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation
  • Whole, Fresh, Organic Foods- preferably home cooked
  • Nature- go visit the Botanic Gardens!
  • Snuggles with pets of family
  • Ample sleep, 8 hours is ideal

Ojas Building Recipes

Nature’s Fudge: Dates Filled with Almond Butter

Both dates and almonds are natural ways to build ojas, immunity, and strength in the body. This naturally sweet fudge, dessert, and snack will satisfy your appetite and your sweet tooth without causing a sugar spike. The quick prep time makes ideal for times when you are hungry and on-the-go.

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