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Hungry after Your Meal? 6 Tips to Stay Satisfied

By on September 29, 2016

Have you ever considered why you feel hungry in the morning after having enjoyed a heavy meal in the evening? Or, have you  wondered why you feel peckish only an hour after your lunch?

You would think that your body was satisfied for a little while but you still are craving for food.

There is a simple explanation to this: you have not absorbed what you have eaten.

If you do not absorb, you do not get the nourishment and energy you need. And then, you start craving more food, even if you still have food sitting in your stomach.

This is one of the most common reasons people have digestive and weight management problems. And of course, why we have cravings as well. When we eat at the wrong time or consume too much food at one sitting our digestive process is likely to slow down or stop all together.

Imagine yourself having a heavy meal and going to sleep before it’s been digested. At night the body should concentrate on other things other than digestion and having new food in the stomach confuses the body clock.

Because of this the food can stay in your stomach for a long time and be only partially absorbed to your system. Then you might still have a taste of your evening meal in your mouth in the morning. And, because you haven’t absorbed, you will feel hungry and crave for sugar and carbohydrates especially.

The same can happen after lunch. If you have eaten too much, too quickly, concentrating on anything else other than eating your digestive process will be in danger.

Consequently your food just sits in your tummy causing gas and/or bloating. Nothing is absorbed and when that happens you get afternoon cravings.

Sugar and carbohydrates become suddenly very attractive and hard to resist. This is because the brain uses them for energy and they can release energy very quickly.

How to Avoid Being Hungry After Your Meal

  • Make sure you eat with awareness.
  • Slow down.
  • Chew well.
  • Take a break to eat.
  • Do not wash your meals down with a drink.
  • Make sure you are not eating bland food. Make it tasty; you need to satisfy your taste buds as well.

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About Anu Paavola

In 2008 Anu qualified as a practitioner of ayurvedic medicine (B.Sc. Hons) in London.  She gained practical experience through working in India in two ayurvedic hospitals and a private clinic run by her teacher in the state of Karnataka. Anu came to ayurveda through her yoga practice. She is an ashtanga and shivananda teacher. Nearly 20 years of practice have also included studies of yoga therapy. Anu is able to harness yoga as a form of healing and integrates many yogic practices into patient treatment. Anu receives patients in London, in her organic treatment centre, Jivita Ayurveda. She propagates the knowledge of ayurveda by teaching it at Yoga London and giving workshops on different topics related to health and wellbeing. Anu regularly writes articles in Nature’s Diet (where this article was originally published) and is a full member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners’ Association in UK.

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