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Studies show that Tulsi ‘Holy Basil’, Inhibits the Growth of Breast Cancer

By on September 20, 2013

There has been a trend in recent years of western scientists looking to traditional remedies from around the world to explore their curative potiental and show that the ancient healing arts were on to something all along.

A recent study by a team of Wayne State University School of Medicine and Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute researchers in Detroit has shown in an experimental tumor system that Tulsi (ocimum gratissimum) inhibits the growth of human breast carcinoma cells.   Even cooking with the plant or eating it raw could have health benefits, said principal investigator Avraham Raz, Ph.D., a professor of pathology, radiation oncology and oncology in the WSU School of Medicine.  “We will know after the clinical trial. This drug can be consumed continuously, as it has no side effects and it is non-toxic.”

Practitioners of Ayurveda and Hindus worldwide hold the plant in a special place both in pharmacology and in spirituality.  According to Ayurveda, Tulsi promotes purity and lightness in the body, cleansing the respiratory tract of toxins and relieving digestive gas and bloating.  Tulsi is also considered to be an adaptogen, balancing different processes in the body, and helpful for adapting to stress.  It is regarded in Ayurveda as a kind of “elixir of life” and believed to promote longevity and health.

Many Hindus keep a small tulsi shrub growing in front of or near their home, often in special pots or special small masonry structures.  The Tulsi plant is regarded the holiest of all plants and especially a”women’s deity”.  In the light of the recent discoveries around the special role tulsi can play in protecting women’s health, it is clear that Ayurveda’s wisdom may contain huge potential to assist healing in breast cancer patients.  As Dr Raz, says: “Many traditional or folk remedies have a basis in reality – that is, they work – and are the backbone of modern medicine,”.

All of that makes me appreciate my delicious daily cup of Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea a lot more!  Do you drink Tulsi Tea or suggest it to your clients?


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