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What is the Quintessential Herb for the Female Reproductive System?

By on April 10, 2014

What would you expect of a plant whose name actually means “One with Hundred Husbands”?  Whoever named Shatavari had a clear thing on their mind…

And for good reasons!  Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) is often considered one of the most powerful rejuvenating herbs in Ayurvedic medicine.  It is used for conditions affecting the female reproductive system, including the mood swings and irritation associated with premenstrual syndrome, as well as menopausal hot flashes. Is also is fertility-enhancing herb for both men and women, and is also prescribed to breasfeeding mothers to improve the production of milk.

This relative of the common aspargus has nourishing, soothing, and cooling properties and can help balancing Vata and Pitta.  As with all Ayurvedic herbs, it should be used together with a lifestyle plan designed to create harmony in the body and mind.

In this video, Banyan Botanicals‘s co-founder Kevin Casey shows us how Shatavari is grown and used and how it can help rejuvenate the body.  He also shows that Shatavari roots can be tasty just like that!

Have you ever used Shatavari?  What benefits have you experienced?

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Suleyka Montpetit is a Media Entrepreneur, Explorer, Writer and the former Managing Editor for Everyday Ayurveda. She has studied Yoga, Health, Spirituality and the Arts for over 15 years, rubbing elbows with luminaries and making stuff happen everywhere she goes.

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