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Study Ayurveda In Nepal

By on February 5, 2017
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Date(s) - 02/05/2017 - 03/10/2017
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Study Ayurveda in Nepal with the world’s oldest tradition!
Many people know Ayurveda to be the oldest system of medicine in the world, but what many fail to realize is that during the medieval and modern periods of India, centuries of foreign invasion wrought severe damage to India’s cultural knowledge, and the status of Ayurveda declined across the sub-continent. As a result, most Ayurveda today is taught at educational institutions that provide a mostly academic understanding of Ayurveda, as opposed to the traditional gurukula or ‘mentorship’ model of education that has been used for the last 5000 years.

Hidden away in the foothills of the Himalayas, however, a lineage of hereditary Buddhist priests have continuously maintained a tradition of Ayurveda that links it to its ancient past. Known as the Bajracharya medical tradition, this lineage of Vajrayana priests remain the last living representative of what Indian Buddhism was like in 13th century India before it was wiped out by foreign invasion. Inheriting the spiritual and medical tradition from the ancient center of learning called Nalanda, the Bajracharya tradition is the oldest surviving lineage of Ayurveda in the world.

In February of 2017, former actor, veteran practitioner, and published author Todd Caldecott will be leading an educational tour to study Ayurveda in Nepal, to learn more about the venerable Bajracharya medical tradition and its practices. To read more about this tradition, please see this recent post in the Elephant Journal:

The Buddhist Ayurvedic Tradition Hidden in Nepal.

For committed students interested in acquiring specific skills, we are providing a five-week Clinical program that runs from February 5 until March 10. For other students that have more of a general interest, we are also offering a 12-day Immersion program.

  • 12-day Immersion program: February 5 ‑ 17, 2017   Register Now
  • 5-week Clinical program: February 5 ‑ March 10, 2017   Apply Now

If you would like even more information on this tradition, please read Todd Caldecott’s recent paper published in the Ayurveda Journal of Health.


About Todd Caldecott
todd_brickTodd Caldecott has been in practice as a medical herbalist and practitioner of Ayurveda for two decades. He has had a broad array of clinical experiences in diverse locations, including North America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, working with a variety of conditions, including autoimmune disease and metabolic disorders. He is a registered professional member with both the AHG and NAMA, and serves as Director of the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine.  He is author of the book Food As Medicine and co-editor of the book Ayurveda In Nepal. In 2014 he was honored at Bastyr University as the Visiting Mitchell Scholar.

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    Sofia Thana

    January 26, 2018 at 7:42 pm

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    I would like to know if there are some courses in May. 12 days training ayurveda would be my choice.

    How does it costs?

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