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Digital Eye Strain & Ayurvedic Remedies

By on May 14, 2016
reduce digital eye strain

Digital eye strain is the temporary discomfort that follows two or more hours of digital device use.

A variety of electronic devices can cause digital eye strain, including televisions, desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, e-readers, tablets, and gaming systems, especially when they are used simultaneously or when switching repeatedly from one device to another.

Symptoms of digital eye strain include:

  • Red, dry or irritated eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye fatigue
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Headaches

7 Ayurvedic practices to reduce digital eye strain:

  1. Digital eye strain can be prevented by limiting digital media use.
  2. Take saptamrit loha tablets, which contains harde, baheda, amla, loha bhasma, ghee and sugar. This is very effective remedy for curing when alochaka pitta is vitiated.
  3. Applying ghee to the eyes is also beneficial. It contains vitamin A in natural form. People complaining of frequent watery eyes are cured by this very simple home remedy.
  4. Staring at a digital screen can reduce how often you blink, causing eyes to become dry. Remind yourself to blink more often, which also helps the eyes refocus.
  5. Keep your distance. Position your device so there is sufficient distance between your eyes and the screen. For computers, extend your arm while seated in front of the computer monitor. The correct distance to be seated from the screen occurs when you can comfortably place your palm flat on the monitor, as though you were high-fiving the screen.
  6. Jivanti kshirpaka: Take a cup of cow milk & another cup of water. Add 1 tablespoon of jivanti powder and sugar according to taste. Let the mixture boil for a few minutes. Let is cool for some time, and then drink . This is a perfect remedy for maintaining your vision and reducing eye fatigue.
  7. Take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. Even short breaks make a huge difference.

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Dr. Kinshuk Hirpara graduated from Akhandanand Ayurvedic College in Ahmedabad, India, and completed a Masters in clinical research at Gujarat University. Her practice is focused on skin, hair, and pediatric health and disease. She is a column writer for Gujarat Times, and regular guest on radio and television in Gujarat. Read more of her work on Blogger.

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