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Heavy, Tamasic Mind? Food to the Rescue

By on March 22, 2016

Huh? Tamasic mind? What’s that?

Keep reading, but we’ll start with our eating habits, then roll into what a Tamasic mind looks like.

Can we all agree, we rarely tend to overeat fruits or veggies?

More often than not, we mindlessly grab salty snacks and sweet candies simply because they are hanging out (like at the office), regardless of hunger. As we’re all jacked up on sugar, we get jittery, extra chatty, feel restless and lose our ability to think clearly. Upon the unavoidable sugar crash, we’re useless.

How often does this happen to you? Daily for most of us. The reason for this crash of energy is due to the inherent qualities of said processed foods. Snack foods in particular tend to be very low in energy, or tamasic.

Tamasic foods cloud our wisdom, intellect, ability to make the right decisions, and destroys our resistance to disease- Thereby creating a Tamasic Mind and outlook on life. 

Unfortunately, if we do not pay attention, it’s easy to consume a lot of tamasic foods. This creates toxins in the mind-body-soul.

How to Avoid Tamasic food?

A great tool is to remember the acronym FLUNC*

F- Frozen

L- Left-over

U- Unnatural

N- Nuked, microwaved

C- Canned

Frozen, leftover, unnatural, nuked or canned food are all lacking in prana. Prana is our life-force, our energy. No prana in our food, no prana in our body. As a result, one will feel droopy, depressed and lacking energy and zip.

Use this acronym next time you are out shopping. Stop and ask yourself if the desired food item passes the FLUNC test. If not, you have a choice: consume and deal with the repercussions, or put it back and shine a little brighter.

*Extended content provided by E.A. Content Manager. 

Beyond a Tamasic Mind…

Regarding the other aspects of Ayurvedic Psychology, remember:

  • Sattva is purity, harmony and total balance.
  • Rajas is turbulence, stimulus, and action.
  • Tamas is dullness, heaviness, inertia, ignorance and decay.

Below are examples of sattvic, rajasic, and tamasic foods and how each of these affects our mind-body balance. You should know, every book and online source lists these foods slightly different. I’ve given the basics so that your awareness is present when making food decisions.

Clear or Partly Cloudy

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