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Registered Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh

Registered Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh
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About the program:

Bipin Baloni’s programs are of a higher level and anybody who has graduated at least 200 Hour Yoga TTC is welcomed at the program. Based on the skill and understanding of the science, the students are enrolled in three different levels- primary, secondary, and third. Let’s see what will you experience on your road to become an accomplished Yoga master in Rishikesh:

• The main focus of the training is on improving your skill in Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga.
• Understanding the science of traditional Yoga in a deeper way.
• Surya Namaskar practice in detail and its modification training.
• Learning the ideals of Hatha Yoga science mentioned in Yoga Pradipika and Yoga Sutras.
• Mysore style Ashtanga practice and training- basic and advanced level.
• Pranayama training and the types of yogic breathing such as Ujjayi, Nadishodhan, etc.
• Purification techniques with Shat Kriyas types- Jal Neti, Agni Sara, etc.
• The art of meditating for a long time and to a deeper sense.
• Standardized version of Yoga asanas such as Bharadwaj Asana, Utthita Trikonasana, etc.
• Upliftment of the confidence with various types of exercises and practical training in a more inclusive manner.

Fee Details:

Primary level: USD 500
Secondary level: USD 750
Third level: USD 1000

About Bipin Baloni: Bipin Baloni is one of the biggest worshippers of traditional Yoga in India and a time-served Yoga teacher. He began embracing Yoga as a child during his school days and then he completed his formal Yoga education at Yogi Mahesh’ ashram. He has been teaching Yoga since 2011 after co-starting Rishikul Foundation in the same year. Yogi Bipin is a young and assertive person who believes in the potential of his students and loves to develop them by interacting with them on multiple levels.


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Registered Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh

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