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Anjali Ayurveda N.S

Anjali Ayurveda N.S
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Anjali Ayurveda N.S

Doreen has studied Ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapy in 2011 when she travelled to India to complete the diploma course through the School of Ayurveda & Panchakarma. She continues to study under the direction of Ved Kovid Durgadas Lingham, and has completed the Ayurvedic Lifestyles Management course under his direction. Doreen will be travelling back to India in 2015 to complete practical assignments as well as complete an Ayurvedic Herbology course
At her current location, Pier One Complex, Yarmouth N.S.
the following treatments are offered:
Panchakarma DetoxificationTreatments
Authentic Ayurveda Treatments as follows:
Abhyanga, 1 person Massage
Abhyanga & Swedana
Kadivasti, Greevavasti & Januvasti
Dosha Testing
A select variety of Ayurvedic supplements, herbs, tinctures and body creams are currently available. Check the Apothecary for a current list of available products. Many of our products are made locally.


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Anjali Ayurveda N.S

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