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Darshana Thacker is a well-known Ayurvedic chef in the yoga/kirtan community of Los Angeles. Her recipes have been published in LA Yoga Magazine and the newly released Forks Over Knives—Companion Book, a New York Times bestseller. Specializing in vegan Ayurvedic cuisine she is acknowledged for her contemporary Ayurvedic interpretations while staying true to the original cooking she learned in her mother’s kitchen, growing up in India. She can be contacted in 310-809-0494 and Mumbai, India +91-98213-59669 or follow her on Twitter : @VapikaSpirit
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    FOOD WITH PRANA: 12 principles of Ayurvedic food

    The path of meditation requires a moderate, regulated life, avoiding too much or too little food, work, and sleep, or use of the senses. The attention must abide in the soul all the time. For such a...

    • Posted January 23, 2014
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