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My wife, Sandra, and I met in 1968 in a youth hostel in Vienna, Austria, and have been traveling together ever since. Eventually we married, moved to New York City where we worked for a year, saving all we could. In 1970 we did the low-budget, hippie-trip around the world. We specifically wanted to go to India because Sandra had spent a year there as a child when her family was posted to New Delhi. Subsequently, we returned a number of times to different parts of that fascinating subcontinent, including one trip with our 12-year old son. Aside from traveling to many other countries of the world, we enjoyed living in Mysore for about a year, while I recovered from cancer, before going on to live in Turkey and Malta, for the healthy climate. We have taken many photographs over the years, some of which of India were used on our blog at www.cancerhealingjourney.comWe have also put together some calendars of high-resolution photos, mainly of Turkey and Syria. They are available at