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Ayurveda Books

By on May 12, 2014
Ayurveda Books

Ayurveda Books by Dr. John Douillard

Here are some of our most recommended Ayurveda books by one of our top contributors, Dr. John Douillard.

Ayurveda Books: 3-Season Diet

For 50 years the debate over high-protein, low-fat, and high-carbohydrate diets has confused the American people. Each diet is backed by convincing scientific research indicating that it is the best and only way to lose weight. But how can they all be right?

The answer is astonishingly simple. Each one is right, but for only four months of the year. The secret to making these diets work together for a lifetime is to use each one in the appropriate season as designed by nature: low fat in the spring, high carbohydrates in the summer, and high protein (fat) in the winter.

The 3-Season Diet aligns our desires with the foods that nature has provided in season for thousands of years. In the winter we naturally crave soups, nuts, warm grains, and other high fat and protein foods such as meat and fish. In the spring we want salads, berries, and leafy greens — a naturally low-fat diet. And in the summer, when the days are long and hot, we require cooling and high-energy foods such as fruits and vegetables, which are a naturally available high carbohydrate diet.

Of course we are used to four seasons, but in nature one season is typically dormant – a resting season. There are really three primary harvests — spring, summer and fall (that is typically eaten in the winter), thus the 3-Season Diet. In The 3-Season Diet we have classified foods from around the world into winter, summer and spring so you can eat with the seasons but still eat like a king.


“Based on one of the most healing theories in the world, John Douillard offers an easy, effortless and joyful solution to weight problems and food cravings. This is a book well worth reading.”
Deepak Chopra, M.D., founder, The Chopra Center for Well-Being


Ayurveda Books: Body, Mind and Sport

Body, Mind and SportBody, Mind and Sport (paperback, 250 pages) is a best-selling book of health and holistic fitness through Ayurveda. It is published by Harmony/Crown in seven languages with forewords by Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova. Ayurveda holds three primary keys to prevention of disease — exercise with proper breathing, a proper individualized diet, and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Body, Mind and Sport covers each of these and more in easy-to-read detail.

Today, eighty percent of Americans do not exercise regularly, and ten million are exercising less today than just three years ago. Yes, people are very busy, but the real reason for this exercise apathy is that they do not enjoy it — people find time to do the things they enjoy. Dr. Douillard teaches people how to enjoy exercise, probably for the first time ever, as well as reap the most important health benefits not available in other exercise programs.

Based on individual body types, certain activities are selected, and the Body-Mind-Sport (BMS) training begins, teaching people how to deal with their stressful lives and jobs from a calm center — the “eye of the hurricane” — using exercise as the training model. BMS research has proven that people can take a meditation state or relaxation state coherent brain wave pattern into maximal level exercise on a regular basis. This means that the elusive “zone” or “runner’s high” is now available to anyone even while walking around the block. This makes exercise fun, euphoric and safe as you learn to listen to your body, and to know exactly how much exercise is good for you and how much more is harmful. Most importantly, this calm experience in the midst of stressful situations is carried with you into daily life.

Ayurveda Books: Colorado Cleanse 3.0 Digital eBook

Yay! The newly revised Colorado Cleanse book is here. We’ve fully re-envisioned this book to create a full-color, easy-to-follow guide through all the what’s, why’s, and how’s of the Colorado Cleanse. Based on years of facilitating the Colorado Cleanse, the highly anticipated Third Edition of this book is designed to lead you through the smoothest cleanse experience possible.

Colorado Cleanse 3.0 digital eBookCheck Out These New Features:

  • Clear day-by-day guide
  • Short chapters
  • Simpler protocols
  • Full-color photos
  • 35 pages of recipe inspirations to make the Colorado Cleanse more delicious than ever
  • Updated FAQ’s chapter

If you have a previous edition of the book, you’re probably wondering if you really need to buy another book. We encourage you to try out the Third Edition because we trust that you’ll be blown away by how much easier it is to follow. If you choose to follow a previous edition, no problem! Just be aware that information on this website will henceforth reference the page numbers for the new book, and that certain protocols will have new names.

About the Colorado Cleanse

The Colorado Cleanse is a 2 week at-home detox and digestive rejuvenation program designed to support blood  sugar,  digestion, release old patterns of stress, normalize  cravings and detoxify fat cells. The Colorado Cleanse can be done while working and leading your regular lifestyle.

Now you can do the cleanse that everyone is talking about anytime! With this 160 page book, you will have all the instructions you need to do the deepest, gentlest, and most effective detox possible at home on your own, whenever it works with your schedule. You are given a complete list of all the supplies you will need and options for where to buy them. Suggestions are also given for substitutions that can be made for locally accessible herbs and non-LifeSpa products.

In addition, the book is an insightful resource for information on why cleansing is so important and how it actually works, so that you can avoid doing cleanses that might do more harm than good. This book also overviews all of the yoga and breathing exercises that are important for deepening the cleanse, as well as self-inquiry exercises for releasing old emotional patterns. It also includes answers to many frequently asked questions, inspiring testimonials, recipes for cleansing diets, and many other special tips.

This is an essential book for anyone planning to do a cleanse!

“As an editor for such publications as Yoga Journal and Natural Health, I see a lot of ‘detox plans.’ This is a cleanse based on a clear understanding of body dynamics. It’s not about suffering – fasting, denial – but about working with your own body rhythms to create better health. My own results were undeniable. I lost 11 pounds. More important, my blood pressure dropped from 160/98 to 125/75. That is a HUGE gain in health.” – Hillari Dowdle, Editor, Yoga Journal

Ayurveda Books: Perfect Health for Kids

PPerfect Health for Kidserfect Health for Kids (paperback, 367 pages)unveils little-known secrets every parent should know, including ways to help you treat your kids proactively—while they’re healthy—to prevent colds, earaches, and even the flu weeks before these ailments actually show up. Using time-tested and scientifically proven Ayurvedic principles, you can do more than just treat symptoms; you can get to the root cause of childhood weight gain, ADD, asthma, allergies, tummy aches, and more.

John Douillard, DC explains children’s different health needs based on their “kid-types” and the changing seasons. He shares his “Lazy Susan” of natural remedies, along with grocery shopping lists and practical health tips. With six children of his own, John Douillard has come up with dozens of kid-friendly routines to keep his children—and yours—happy and healthy.


What they’re saying:

“Dr. John Douillard offers a scientifically validated approach to the well-being of children. Perfect Health for Kids combines insights of the great wisdom tradition of Ayurveda with a current understanding of body, mind, and spirit. This is a must-read.” ~DEEPAK CHOPRA, M.D., author of Perfect Health

“At last, a practical Ayurvedic guidebook specifically aimed at the care of children.  Perfect Health for Kids is another of Dr. John Douillard’s many contributions toward making Ayurveda more popular, usable, and relevant for everyone in our changing world. Every parent and healer should own this insightful and timely book. It will contribute greatly toward the well-being and future of our entire society.” ~DR.DAVID FRAWLEY, author of Yoga and Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Healing

“John Douillard is an exceptional healer, parent, and human being. These qualities permeate this book, in which he powerfully provides a clear and practical guide for helping children to experience a life of optimal well-being. I’d recommend Perfect Health for Kids to parents and caregivers of any age or level of experience. You’ll discover a wealth of wisdom and useful information that you never knew.” ~DR. ROBERT S. IVKER, D.O., President of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and author of the bestselling Sinus Survival

“Dr. John Douillard has been my doctor and my lifestyle coach. He has helped me develop a deeper mind/body connection. Now I am thrilled to be able to apply his wisdom and knowledge of perfect health to my children’s lives. It is a great gift and blessing for them to start on the road to “Perfect Health” at such a young age.” ~CATHERINE OXENBERG, actress and mother

Ayurveda Books: Short Home Cleanse Booklet

The Short Home CleShort Home Cleanse Booklet anse could be perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to feel lighter, be more peaceful, get sick less and crave healthier foods.
  • You can set aside a few days to eat our special cleansing diet.
  • You are committed to prioritizing your health – at least for 4 days.
  • You are self directed and can follow a detox plan on your own. Don’t worry – our plan is easy.
  • You need a detox program that you can do while working.
  • You don’t have any serious medical issues. If you do, please schedule a consult with John Douillard as he can custom tailor the SHC to meet anyone’s unique needs. Or show the Short Home Cleanse eBook or Booklet to your health practitioner.

Included in your Short Home Cleanse Booklet (print copy):

  • Why regular cleansing is essential to your health.
  • Why and how the SHC supports the body’s natural ability to burn fat and detoxify itself.
  • How to custom tailor the SHC to fit your life. Do you need to maintain a busy schedule or can you slow down for a few days and retreat? Either way you can easily do the SHC.
  • How to facilitate a deep detox of toxins in your fat cells and rebalance your blood sugar levels with the oleation protocol (drinking ghee each morning).
  • Four meal plan options to choose from based on your body’s unique needs.
  • Our recipe for the nourishing and detoxifying kitchari, which is a traditional Ayurvedic rice and bean dish used for cleansing and digestive rebalancing.
  • How and why to follow the herbal protocol. I recommend 3 LifeSpa Ayurvedic herbal formulas, but I have also listed alternatives that you can find at any health food store.
  • Daily routines that will calm your nervous system, quiet your mind, de-stagnate your lymphatic system and increase the benefits of your detox. You can also continue all of these practices after the cleanse to combat stress and live more peacefully.
  • Foods to avoid during the SHC.
  • How to omit snacking to balance your blood sugar levels.
  • A little known and powerful rehydration technique that will help reduce cravings, release toxins and improve your digestion.
  • How and why to do the safe and gentle laxative on the evening of day 4.
  • When to do the SHC and how often you can safely cleanse each year.
  • How to cleanse based on the seasons.
  • Suggestions for how to do a deeper, more intensive detoxification program next time.

“I’ve been doing the Short Home Cleanse for 5 years now, almost at the change of every season. The cleanse is so easy and short that I can never come up with a good enough excuse NOT to do it.My cravings are gone and I can usually coast a few more months without having to use any discipline – I just naturally want to eat clean. It also seems to get my digestion back on track again. I love how my skin glows and how flat my belly is. So, I always make sure I have the herbs, ghee and kitchari ingredients on hand in case I need to start it. (Oh and sometimes I do it just to save money because eating only kitchari is way cheaper than regular food!). I recommend it to people all the time. Thanks for introducing me to it. I have a feeling it will just be one of those things I do to stay healthy for many more years. Maybe forever.” ~ TH

Summary of what you’ll do each day:

Each morning you will drink increasing amounts of melted ghee and eat a simple NON-FAT diet to force fat metabolism so you start burning off fat cells. Because fat is a stable, non-emergency fuel, you feel calm when you enter fat metabolism mode. Fat is a detox fuel because molecules of emotion, fat-soluble toxins and chemicals are stored in our fat cells. Some of the toxins stored in our fat cells are preservatives, DDT, dioxin, pollutants, pesticides and other cancer-causing chemicals.

  • You’ll take 3 Ayurvedic herbal formulas to open your detox pathways, facilitate a deeper detox and improve digestion.
  • You will eat a NON-FAT diet of kitchari, which is a special type of split yellow mung dahl beans and white basmati rice. Your goal is to eat 3 meals a day without snacking.
  • The Daily Routine includes specific hydration protocols and stress relieving practices.
  • On the evening of day 4 you will do a gentle laxative that will help remove the toxins that the ghee and nonfat diet have loosened from your cells.

Ayurveda Books: The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage

The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic MassageThe Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage (paperback, 310 pages) features ten Panchakarma treatments plus an Ayurvedic facial, each described in step-by-step detail with accompanying black and white photographs. This book provides a background to the history and philosophy of Ayurveda as well as a comprehensive set of tools and techniques allowing the reader to begin Ayurvedic treatments as a part of a spa menu or massage therapy program.


“With great clarity and precision, Dr. John Douillard has provided a detailed guidebook to the profound system of Ayurvedic massage, bringing this ancient method of yogic healing into practical focus for everyone to use in its many different forms. All those seriously interested in Ayurveda or in bodywork can benefit from this monumental work, which represents an important new dimension of Ayurvedic healing now available in the West.” Dr. David Frawley, Ayurvedacharya, Director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies, author of Yoga and Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Healing.

“It is with open arms that I welcome such a detailed yet comprehensive reference guide for massage and spa therapists. John Douillard has laid a wonderful foundation in his Encyclopedia, for the principles behind Ayurvedic massage and the emerging Ayurvedic spa treatments that are derived from ancient healing practices.” Tara Grodjesk, Founder of TARA Spa Therapy, Inc.

“Dr. Douillard offers a straightforward and very practical guide to implementing traditional Ayurvedic therapies into a spa menu. His honest style of presentation, which comes from deep in the heart, should help us realize the profound benefits of these treatments. May this work become standard in quality spas throughout the world.” Melanie Sachs, Dip OT, Ayurvedic Spa Educator and Lifestyle Counselor, author of Ayurvedic Beauty Care

“Dr. John Douillard has taken details from the various Ayurvedic traditions in which he has trained and synthesized them into techniques that are well fitted to today’s world—ever retaining Ayurveda’s focus on healing mind and spirit as well as body. The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage is a worthy successor to Dr. Douillard’s previous books and a valuable incarnationof Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom in modern words.” Robert Svoboda, Ayurvedacharya

Ayurveda Books: The Yoga Body Diet

Yoga Body DietTHE YOGA BODY DIET is the first program to employ ancient Ayurvedic principles to create a fun, hip program that promises to transform both yoga virgins and seasoned practitioners from the inside out.

THE YOGA BODY DIET begins with a quick test that identifies your type:

  • Pitta (fire: tending toward irritability)
  • Kapha (earth: tending toward sluggishness)
  • Vata (air: a bit on the flighty side)

Once your type, or dosha is identified, instructions for a 4-week tailored plan follow. Each plan provides guidelines, workouts, meal plans, shopping lists, and over 75 flavorful and delicious recipes. Readers can look forward to a longer, leaner body and a calmer, more rejuvenated mind.

Kristen Schultz Dollard is an editor and yoga teacher in New York, was director of iYogaLife.com.

John Douillard, DC, author of The 3-Season Diet and Body, Mind, and Sport, directs the LifeSpa Ayurvedic Retreat and Clinic and lives in Boulder, CO.


“Hello, I have recently purchased The Yoga Body Diet. I have to say I love the book, I have been suffering for a long time from severe anxiety and have recently embarked on the journey of healing. After many doctors have tried to persuade me to take anti depressants, and anti anxiety medication, my frustration had reached an all time high. I was adamant and still am quite adamant about the fact that taking a synthetic drug, to “fight” the anxiety was not the answer. So I decided to do my own research and educate myself as much as possible. Through my journey, I have come across many avenues, all seem to come exactly when I need them. One being the “The Yoga Body Diet”. For me it is not so much about the weight loss, however I have lost 25lbs so far, it is about finding a connection with my mind, body, and spirit. I am a single mom, and a lot of my anxiety came from worrying about not being fully capable of providing a good home for my son. I now have such a sense of calm and center that I can look at his face and know that he is a happy little boy. The eating plan, the yoga, all the information has reinforced what I have already discovered on my own, by just listening to my body. Not trying to force it, but to do what comes naturally. With all of these crazy, almost bullying diets and exercise routines, it is no wonder that most people in today’s society suffer from anxiety, obesity, or depression. This book is refreshing, calming, and most importantly it works! Thanks a lot. It is inspiring for me, to continue forward with loving my body, my unique body, and to appreciate all the nourishment that our world has to offer.” ~ J.S.



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