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About Lisa: What’s An Ayurvedic Health Coach Anyway?

Lisa & Pearl

Nope, there were no “Ayurvedic health coaches” several thousand years ago when Ayurveda came to light through the genius minds, bodies and practices of the rishis (the yogic sages, the masters).

Being an Ayurvedic health coach is mostly unprecedented. I had never heard of such a thing before I began to realize this is what I am.

When I began to practice Ayurveda professionally, I did it the way most Ayurveda counselors do: I offered individual consultations. People came to me, sat for an hour or two, and left wide-eyed and excited with an Ayurveda book I had written and a long list of Ayurvedic to-do’s to help them overcome whatever health challenges they were dealing with.

I was excited, too.  I felt great—I love being in service through Ayurveda!

And then…

I began following up with these clients—a month later, a few months later, a year later.

Almost every single one of them had the same feedback for me: “I was so excited about what I learned from you, and so ready to do what I needed to do when I left the consultation…but then [I’m paraphrasing here] life got in the way.”

Most of them had implemented one or two of the recommendations I had made for them, and many of those didn’t last very long.

It was dawning on me: it’s hard to change.  Habits are set.  They feel safe, and the body/mind complex holds onto them.  Plus, living a truly healthy life usually means going against the mainstream, against the greater flow of modern society.

To stay committed to their health long enough to fully reset their habits, most people need ongoing support, guidance and accountability to someone other than themselves.  Is that what you would need, too?

How to Get Results

Providing that ongoing support is what I set out to do, and I feel honored to be successful with that.  Now I only work with clients long-term, and I get to witness them creating major changes to their health—and their lives overall.  Energy levels strengthen and stabilize; health concerns soften and fade; and as a result, focus and motivation soar, so they begin to do with their lives what they truly feel called to do.

This Ayurvedic health coaching work is an organic process.  Ayurveda is all about the individual, so the “what” and “how” for each person is different, unique to her or his own true nature.  Some people need hard-hitting questions and reminders to keep them on track; some people need just gentle, informative conversations.

What’s common throughout my work is identifying the Ayurvedic practices—primarily the daily habits—that provide the greatest return on investment.  This means I start at the foundational levels of health with each client, because you’re only spot-treating symptoms and creating temporary relief if you don’t start reforming your health from the roots up.

If you’re curious about my background in Ayurveda and how I keep my feet rooted in health despite the past few rough years, keep reading, because here’s the low-down…

My Fruits of Ayurveda

My first exposure to Ayurveda was in India in 2004.  At that point the seed of self-nourishment was planted in me.

In 2010 it took root, blossomed and began to fruit when I met a masterful teacher while visiting Bali, Indonesia.  Her name is Uma Inder.

Studying Ayurveda and the other yogic sciences with her, I learned to identify signals of imbalance within my body, and I began choosing to respond to them.  When I did that, life opened up its doors for me.

I started sleeping through the night.

I overcame my caffeine addiction, easily.

Anxiety no longer plagued me.

Gas, chronic constipation and other “irritable bowel” symptoms were no longer part of my daily life.

I stopped being distracted by emails and Facebook at all hours of the day (or night).

I became more focused in my work and clear about what I wanted for my career.

I had stronger energy, all day.  (No more afternoon crashes.)

And I channeled that extra flow of energy into creating a lifestyle that was in alignment with my values.  That meant nurturing friendships, spending more time in nature, working less while strengthening my income, and becoming clear on what I truly wanted for my life…and then going for it.

Apprentice to a Master

Umaa and LisaIn 2011 I decided to move to Bali to be with my teacher.

My training was both formal and informal, and akin to the ancient tradition of intensive learning from a master teacher in India.  I spent 18 months by Uma’s side, usually for several hours every day of the week.  I served as her apprentice and assistant, learning actively and by osmosis.

She showed me how every breath, every bite of food, every spoken word, every moment, is an opportunity to live Ayurveda—to live fully and true to my own unique nature.

My training was intensive.  And it was life-changing, to the say the least.

What I have learned, and continue to learn, through Ayurveda is to claim full power in my health, and my life overall—to disengage from any victim or blame mentality, to know that I always have a choice to listen to what my body needs or to ignore it, to be fully self-responsible.

Put to the Test

These days I’m a single mom to a sensitive, passionate little girl.  From my pregnancy until recently (when I had re-built enough energy to make a big change), I was been based in Sweden, far from the support of family, friends, teacher, peers, etc., in the U.S. or Bali.

I’ve faced some very challenging circumstances over the past few years, and Ayurveda has been the central support system of my life in a whole new way.

I truly believe I would be mentally and probably physically ill right now if I had not supported myself with Ayurveda through the rough times.

I am grateful for the effort I’ve invested in re-training myself to hear and respond to my body’s signals, recognizing imbalances before they erupt into major health concerns.  And I’m grateful that I continue to invest effort into creating a healthful life that is rich and potent, even on hard days.

Best of all, I’m teaching my little girl from the ground up of her life how to live health.

In Service to You

As an Ayurvedic health coach, I speak from the knowledge of embodied experience…and as someone who humbly faces the same challenges of modern life as you do.

I offer you simple Ayurvedic practices to ease anxiety, rise out of depression, sleep soundly, attain and maintain your ideal weight, relieve pain and more.  One of the resounding results that I help people create is a strong, stable supply of energy, renewable day after day.

And the result of that is…well…whatever you want it to be!  In the fullness of health, and with an abundance of energy, we have access to SO MUCH MORE in our lives than what we can create from inside the limitations of discomfort, dissatisfaction, distraction, disinterest or disease.

I’m honored to be helping people burst through those barriers to create the health and vitality that are our natural, human birthright.

If you’re keyed up to make changes to your health and your life overall, let’s talk.  I offer a free GET YOUR HEALTH BACK! Breakthrough Session to get you started on your way. Here’s the link to find out more…

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