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8 Ayurvedic Tips for Travel

By on December 10, 2016

Traveling is a hobby for many people who love adventure, and Vata types often gravitate towards it.

Unlike many who like to stay attached with their dwelling place and find it to be quite comfortable and pleasant (think Kapha), Vatas see the world as a showcase of the amazing things that are hard to believe without seeing through our own eyes. It is this excitement that draws many people into traveling as a part of their life and thereby knowing the world surrounding us.

Still, traveling is not an easy task and poses many new factors for potential imbalance. It is learning through experience that has no ending. While traveling, there are certain aspects that should be kept in mind in order to avoid inconvenience and thereby make traveling a more pleasant experience.

It is thought that excess traveling causes an imbalance between the body and the air element.  Over time, this will imbalance Vata in the human body.

These 8 Ayurvedic tips for travel can reduce the effect to a great extent.

  1. It has been found that on prolong air travel an air vacuum is created inside the body. This may cause congestion inside the heart and lungs, thereby causing severe respiratory problems. In such a scenario, it is necessary to consume hot drinks instead of cold soda drinks. The hot water will help in opening up channels and enhance breathing procedures.
  2. Consume your own snacks, namely ones you eat regularly, instead of taking foreign snacks. The body becomes habituated to food items that are consumed daily.
  3. Carry raisins while traveling to help ease constipation problems. Consuming around 15 raisins soaked in warm water will clear the stomach and relieve constipation, a menace to a person who loves to travel.
  4. Maintaining body temperature. Carry, or wear, layers to keep the body warm or cold as per surroundings.
  5. Taking sufficient rest is important while traveling as it may cause the entire journey to get unpleasant. Thus, proper and sound sleep is extremely essential.
  6. A gentle body massage at bed time is quite helpful in relaxing muscles after a day’s work. Try to use sesame oil, mild warm while applying massage.
  7. Drinking warm milk along with some almonds is quite beneficial as it helps to alleviate from anxiety and reduces the imbalance of air inside the body.
  8. Sun bathing is a great Ayurvedic medicine for the body and more importantly for the brain. Exposure to sunlight for around 20 minutes helps in stimulating sadhaka pitta in the human brain that helps to keep the mind alert always.
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About Hannah Brooklyn

Hannah Brooklyn is a student from United Kingdom who loves to travel and write. She is passionate about educating people on healthy lifestyles and Ayurveda. She engages in all types of outdoor adventures, and loves exploring the local way of life.


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