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6 Ayurvedic Dental Care Remedies

By on April 21, 2016

Ayurvedic Dental Care remedies to the rescue. Tooth decay is everyone’s enemy. To make it worse, tooth decay is just the start of many other teeth and gum problems that can be extremely painful and totally inconvenient. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure that our dental health remains in top shape.

There may be times when we are too busy to schedule an appointment with the dentist to get our dental cleaning. Good thing there are alternatives to fighting tooth decay that we can do within the comforts of our home. Here are 6 powerful Ayurvedic dental care remedies that can help you prevent tooth decay.

1. Herbal Sticks

Herbs have always been an effective natural home remedy for many ailments. It is also used for maintaining health. A fresh stem of neem tree is known to be an effective way in battling tooth decay and keeping the teeth strong and intact. Herbal sticks such as the neem tree has anti-bacterial properties that can help remove plaques and cavities.

2. Oil pulling- An Ancient Ayurvedic Dental Care Remedy

Oil pulling is originally an Ayurvedic home remedy to combat many cases of dental and oral health problems. Many oil products such as coconut oil, sesame seed oil and sunflower oil have dental and oral health benefits. Among them are:

  • Treating gum problems
  • Dryness of throat
  • Bad breath
  • Cracked lips.
  • It is also widely used for teeth whitening and straightening

3. Licorice

Licorice is another type of herbal stick that is rich in dental and oral care properties and can help keeping your teeth strong and intact. Chewing on herbal sticks such as licorice has many health benefits. It can help:

  • Remove plaques and debris that toothbrush cannot reach
  • It can be an alternative to smoking
  • Herbal sticks also help in teeth whitening

4. Using Salt

The natural health properties of salt are excellent in maintaining the teeth and relieving tooth ache due to teeth and gum problems. Salt is used by gargling with lukewarm water and a pinch of salt to help remove plaques and cavities. This will prevent tooth decay and gum problems. This method is also an effective way to whiten the teeth.

5. Pearl & Coral

Mukta Pishti is the powdered form of coral. This Ayurvedic remedy is rich in calcium that is effective in keeping the teeth strong and treating dental problems. Pearl is also known for its relieving and cooling effects especially for gum pains and toothaches.

Parval Pishti is the powdered coral that came from coral roots. This natural remedy is rich in calcium that is great for the bones and teeth. Pearl and coral are sold in the form of capsules which makes it easy to intake. This can help maintain dental health and treat gum and tooth problems.

6. Gum Massage

A gum massage is an effective trick in keeping the gum healthy and treating swollen gums. Mixing mustard seed oil (2 tsp) and salt (1 tsp), you can use the ointment to rub in your gums. This formula can make the teeth white. It also helps in treating swollen gums, toothache and other gum problems.

Our health should always take a front seat in our priorities. Therefore, aside from the medical procedures we go through to maintain our health, we should also practice a healthy habit within our homes and use natural Ayurvedic home remedies.


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Joel Cordle is person who loves reading and writing different blogs on health andbeauty. He writes on fitness tips, skincare, teeth whitening, dental cleaning etc. He is a good advisor and he keeps suggesting people about how one can stay healthy. He likes to use natural things instead of artificial one. Find out more about Joel at http://www.goldencrescentdental.com/


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  2. stewartgiselle1@gmail.com'

    Giselle Stewart

    March 10, 2018 at 1:21 am

    Useful post for tooth decay! Nice natural remedies you have shared here to control the decay. I will now try some for better results. Brushing only is not enough. Your tips are really useful. Thanks.

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