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13 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Digestion

By on January 7, 2016

You may think you are eating healthy foods. But how you eat your food is even more important than what you eat.

Even foods that normally cause greater imbalance will be digested reasonably well if the proper rules are followed.

Likewise, if you eat the correct foods in the wrong way, your digestion will be compromised, and the formation of toxins will follow.

Following this list of do’s and don’ts will help your digestion to be maximized optimally.

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Digestion

1. Avoid taking yoghurt at night, because it will block the micro channels of circulation and will be become difficult for digestion since physical activity is reduced at night.

2. Drinking a cup of warm buffalo’s milk at night will help with sound sleep.

3. Drinking goat’s milk will help in respiratory disorders.

4. Avoid mixing milk with citrus fruits, sour substances and salt.

5. Honey is nectar, but when heated it can become a toxin causing Ama (metabolic toxin) accumulation in the body. One should avoid heating honey or mixing it with hot substances.

6. Avoid mixing cold and hot substances together.

7. Avoid drinking cold drinks or cold water while eating.

8. Avoid taking banana and milk together, as both are heavy to digest and will impair digestion.

9. Eating while being distracted by television, excessive conversation or reading can prevent us from getting proper nutrition. When we are distracted, food is not masticated properly, and when partially masticated food enters the stomach, the stomach is forced to digest improperly chewed food. Therefore, always eat slowly and mindfully.

10. Eating fruits immediately after meals will cause the stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore, one should always take fruit only one to two hours after a meal or one hour before meal.

11. Walk a bit (say, approximately 100 steps) after meal to help digestion.

12. It is better to eat fruits than drink fruit juices. Chewing is said to cause attrition and facilitate salivary secretion, which has been proven by present-day research.

13. Hydrogenated oil is harmful for the body. Cooking with olive oil, sesame oil or clarified butter (ghee) is best. According to Ayurveda, sesame oil is nutritious, whereas safflower oil is unwholesome.

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About Dr. Lakshmi Anoop

Dr. Lakshmi Anoop is an Ayurveda consultant, Head of Panchakarma Department and Editor of Ayurveda Newsletter at Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic & Research Center, Jaipur, India. She has handled Ayurveda trainings and workshops, conducted research in Ayurveda and written articles for various health magazines. Learn more on her Facebook page and website.

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